Hotel “Deisterblick” (Deister is a low mountain range) is situated 30 km from Hannover (SW) near Deister, in Bad Nenndorf.

If your visit is business-like or private, this is the suitable hotel for you, your guests or customers – just enjoy it with its beautiful surroundigs every time of the year.

As a possible visitor of one of Hannovers great fairs you will think highly of the direct, uncomplicated start to the fair grounds, arriving via connection A2 (Autobahn) in 15ten minutes, Bad Nenndorf.

the team of Hotel “Deisterblick” will do everything to let you feel well. Furniture

In addition you are given important information  and indiviual advices for excursions to Bad Nenndorf and its beautiful surroundings.

In January 2009 this hotel was renovated completely. You are welcome in by a new team!